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Natural Rolled Beeswax Candle Set of 2 - Red, Blue, Yellow

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Each of these stunning hand-rolled candles is made using the finest premier grade coloured beeswax foundation. With 100% braided cotton wicks, these candles are completely natural. These beeswax candles are pet friendly and pet safe due to its non-toxic and cleaner burning.

The natural candles have the most intriguing soft honey/earth scent.

Choose from 3 options:

1. 2 x Red beeswax candles with 2 wooden candle stands

2. 2 x Blue beeswax candles with 2 wooden candle stands

3. 2 x Yellow beeswax candles with 2 wooden candle stands


Size: 80x40 mm each

Weight: 58g each

Set of 2 candles with 2 wooden stands

Average burning time: 3 hours

Our beeswax candles come directly from the hive and made at a family bee farm in Nitra region, Slovakia. They are hand-rolled by Marina and Erich Nevidansky.


  • Beeswax candles are slow-burning and produce a subtle aroma.

  • Beeswax is a natural, renewable substance, producing candles which, unlike their paraffin counterparts, do not emit black smoke.

  • They are considered an environmentally-friendly alternative to paraffin wax candles.

  • Pet safe and pet friendly due to its non-toxic cleaner-burning.

  • Beeswax candles are reported to improve allergy and asthma symptoms. Like air purifiers, beeswax candles release negative ions that neutralize the particles from air pollutants.

Wooden Stand

Luxury laser-cut wooden candle stands. Can be used as a hanging decoration, ornament for a Christmas tree od coaster for your hot or cold drink. These coasters are made from a natural material and may contain small marks or blemishes. This is part of the charm of wooden products.

Size: 90 x 3 mm


Directions for use:

Place on a stable, heat-proof surface, away from draughts and flammable objects before lighting. Beeswax candle can sometimes drip wax, so please ensure they are placed on the wooden stand.

Handmade in Slovakia. Assembled and packed in the UK.