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Luxury Raw Honey Selection Gift Hamper

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Our exclusive hand-picked selection of 100% pure natural raw honey and honey preserve coming directly from the licensed award-winning family bee farm with long beekeeping traditions in Pozitavie Region, Slovakia. This beautiful countryside, dotted by wild acacia forests and flowery meadows, provides the perfect setting for collecting the finest single-flower honey.

This box contains a 50g jar of unforgettable luscious Pine Forest, Raspberry, Organic Walnut and Acacia & Royal Jelly honey with wooden honey dipper packed in beautiful eco-friendly keepsake wooden box. This box is suitable for teabags too.

Not suitable for infants under 12 months. Store in a cool, dry place.

We, 16 Gift Avenue, love nature which is why all our packaging materials are 100% eco-friendly and recyclable 🌱

 Pine Forest

Honeydew honey (or forest honey) is produced from Pine trees. Honeydew is not made from blossom nectar, it is a sugar-laden fluid excreted by certain plant-sucking insects such as aphids. Pine forest honey has a darker colour with woody & warm aroma.

Acacia & Royal Jelly

This honey is made up of 500mg of Royal Jelly and Acacia. This preparation is a genuine elixir, to be enjoyed without reserve. Thanks to the nobility of its ingredients, it is delicate in the mouth and has very pleasant fruity and floral notes.


Raspberry honey is one of the most fragrant honey varieties and has a delicate scent of flowers and the flavour of raspberries. Raspberry honey is light amber in colour with a subtle but definite delicious berry taste.

Organic Walnut

100% raw natural honey preserve. The perfect harmony of wildflower honey and earthy taste of whole walnuts from organic walnut trees. Each jar is packed with essential nutrients and proteins, thanks to walnuts.



100% raw natural cold extracted honey and colour may vary according to the dominant nectar. The honey is unpasteurised, untreated and unheated free from additives to preserve all natural enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

Please be aware that honey crystallises over time due to its high sugar content, this is nothing to worry about, in fact, it's a sign of a natural, unprocessed product as only pure honey does this. If you wish to melt the crystals simply place in a bowl of warm water.

We do not recommend melting honey crystals in a microwave. Microwaves cause the water inside the honey to boil, drastically changing the taste and texture of the honey.



Our Raw Honey is a Bee Product. Rarely it can cause an allergic reaction for some people, allergic to honey products or nuts (Organic Walnut Honey). If you concerned when consuming it first time take only a very small amount to see if you have any allergic reaction. For more advice, consult with a healthcare professional or your doctor.